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3rd Annual G-MAN Shootout

The FBI Tampa Citizens Academy Alumni Association’s 3rd Annual G-MAN Shootout was a tremendous success!

Held on October 21 at the Tampa Bay Sporting Clays, a total of 79 shooters rallied to raised nearly $10,000 that will go directly to the FBI Tampa Citizens Academy Alumni Association (FBITCAAA).  Since its inception, the G-MAN Shootout has raised more than $30,000 in support of the alumni association’s programs and community activities that promote safety in our neighborhoods, educate communities about law enforcement, and the challenges impacting our hometowns.

Congratulations to our winners:  Highest Overall Team:  Brian Chaulk, John Stutts, Warren Hills, Cam Colvin (Overall Score 170); Top Female: Julie Olson (34); and Top Male:  John Stutts (49). Each of these participants received a custom logo’d gold wreath medal and FBITCAAA challenge coin.

“We had a great turnout,” event organizer FBITCAAA Secretary Terri Wallace said. “We had movers and shakers from all over Tampa Bay. We are proud to host this annual event.”

The FBITCAAA members would like to thank the following top sponsors:  Top Gun Sponsor Iseler Wealth Financial Navigation, AMMO Sponsor GoSass.com, Lunch Sponsor The Perry Company, Gold Star Family Sponsor Ultraviolet Living, Cart Sponsor Verkada/Bit Direct, Shirt Sponsor CSenge Advisory Group, Auction Sponsor Interstruct Tampa, and the many teams, individuals and auction donors who generously donated to this year’s event.

FBITCAAA alumni and FBI staff served as volunteers and had fun interacting with community leaders. They each had their own part in making the event a success.

Chapter President Kirk Sexton, in his closing remarks, thanked all those who worked to make the event come together this year. “Not only do we have a great business community here in Tampa Bay, but our area FBI leadership does a phenomenal job of building partnerships within our community. I enjoyed attending the clay shoot, and I encourage both people and our alumni to take part in it as well. It is fun to interact with not only a bunch of community leaders but FBI management, agents, and staff members and have a fun time together.”

SAVE THE DATE:  The 4th Annual G-MAN Shootout will take place during October 2023 at Tampa Bay Sporting Clays. For more information, please call Terri Wallace at (305) 302-1882 or email  secretary@FBITCAAA.org.


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