FBI Tampa Citizens Academy
Alumni Association


The FBI Tampa Citizens Academy Alumni Association has the following committees:


Youth Programs

Youth Academy
Tom Garvey, Joe Guidry, Terry Drake, Olga Ott
Future Agents in Training (FAIT)
Tom Garvey, Joe Guidry, Terry Drake, Olga Ott


Community Engagement

Kirk Sexton, Nancy Newkirk, Shay Romine
MacDill Tours/Airshow
Kirk Sexton, Shay Romine, Terri Wallace, Nancy Newkirk
Habitat for Humanity
Dan Sultan, Nancy Newkirk
Trinity Cafe
Joe Guidry, Terri Wallace, Nancy Newkirk
Community Heros Award
Lon Guarino, Nancy Newkirk
Paint the Town Blue
James Nicol (chair), Terry Wallace, Kirk Sexton, Nancy Newkirk, Brian Kraus (ORL)


Community Awareness Programs (CAP)

The Community Awareness Presentation (CAP) is a shorter, more focused version of the FBI Citizens Academy program and is conducted in partnership with the FBI and a specific community group, generally at an offsite location. The program is designed to build trust and strengthen relationships between the FBI and the communities the FBI serve. Community groups are encouraged to identify topics that are of concern or relevant to their group or organization for the FBI to discuss. Classes are taught by FBI subject matter experts. Generally the participants are selected by members of their organizations or community and there is no restriction on audience size. Topics, just to name a few include, Counterterrorism, Foreign Counterintelligence, Fraudsters and Cyber Crime, Public Corruption, Economic Espionage, Major Thefts/Violent Crimes and Civil Rights.

Cyber Workshops
Dan Sultan & Sandra Campbell (co-chairs), Kirk Sexton
Active Shooter Workshops
Brian Kraus (ORL), Terri Wallace
Human Trafficking Workshops
Brian Kraus (ORL), Terri Wallace
Citizen Academies
Entire Board



Technology & Social Media

Kirk Sexton, James Nicol, Suleman Makhani, Juan Crespo

This committee is responsible for the creation, organization, and maintenance of the FBITCAAA.org website, and the various social media channels controlled by the association.

John Astrab
BOD Nominating Committee
John Astrab, Terri Wallace, Terri Gaffney
Shay Romine
Social Events

Jeff Iseler

The social Committee is responsible for social gatherings such as the annual Holiday Party, Socials, and other alumni oriented events.

BOD Orientation
John Astrab, Terri Wallace



The FBI Tampa Citizens Academy Alumni Association is a nonprofit organization separate and apart from FBI.