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Economic Security is National Security

From Tampa Bay Business and Wealth Magazine: Economic security is national security Michael McPherson, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Tampa Field Office, discusses threats to intellectual property and trade secrets in the U.S.  https://tbbwmag.com/2020/07/20/economic-security-is-national-security/?mc_cid=f8a07db1e3&mc_eid=9a65750fdc

FBI Apps

Did you know the FBI publishes apps?  Perhaps you want to train like an FBI agent – there is an app for that; the FBI Physical Fitness App!  You can also download and install the FBI Bank Robbers, FBI Wanted, and FBI Child ID apps as well as their mobile portal.  Check them all out […]

How well do you understand Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law?

As a homeowner in Florida, the one scenario you never want to find yourself in is defending your home against an intruder. In 2005, Florida passed a law related to castle doctrine, expanding on that premise with “stand your ground” language related to self-defense and duty to retreat. Current Florida law states “a person who […]

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