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JROTC Outreach

For the past several years, FBITCAAA has promoted and supported the Alonso High School JROTC Air Rifle Regional Shooting Competition.  The winning school of this competition moves up to the State competition.  The way the FBITCAAA supports this event is by purchasing the trophies.  Members of the FBI SWAT team come out and set up a static display of SWAT gear, and answer questions from the JROTC members.  It was great to see how many of these kids expressed interest in what it takes to become an FBI agent.



The FBI agents and gear were extremely popular with the competitors.  Among the gear displayed were camouflage gear, sniper rifles, specialized SWAT gear, rifles, body armor, and the biggest hit, and a BearCat armored personnel carrier.  We thank the agents that took time away from their Saturday to meet with the JROTC, and who knows, perhaps one of these young competitors will be a future agent!

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