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Habitat for Humanity Event

FBITCAAA participated in their second Habitat for Humanity event on October 5, 2019.  Read what participant alumni had to say about the event:

James Nicol:

On October 5, 2019,  I had the pleasure of participating in the FBITCAAA Habitat for Humanity event.  This was my first experience with Habitat for Humanity but it certainly will not be my last.

I learned a lot about how their organization has enabled families to rebuild their lives in the Tampa Bay area.  This popular charity has been gaining momentum and is now a Global initiative!  I was personally honored to get involved and contribute my time with the team.

Under the direction of their foreman, we worked and gained a special insight into this wonderful organization.  The FBITCAAA team did some painting, trim work and general landscaping on a beautiful and nearly completed home.  As one can imagine It takes weeks to build a home for a Habitat for Humanity recipient.   The planning and direction the Habitat team provides to their homeowners is truly impressive.

Thank you Dan Sultan for planning and supporting this event.

Thank you Habitat for Humanity for all you do for our communities.

Looking forward to the next event, Count me in!


Nancy Newkirk:

It was a fun filled day. We painted the house and cleared a lot of trees and debris from the yard. Had some laughs and actually were able to complete our tasks a little early. A Chick -fil-A lunch was provided by Crossover Church. Their hashtag  #loveourcity813, the note in each bag said 'We wanted to show you some LOVE! Hope this small gift brightens your day!


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