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FBI Citizens Academy National Conference 2019

The FBI National Citizens Academy Conference 2019 was hosted in Houston Texas this year. The event was from August 14th - 16th, and was capped with a visit to the historic Johnson Space Center Visitor Center. Tampa Chapter Board Members James Nicol and Kirk Sexton attended, joined by COS Carol Michalik. It was an informative and entertaining event that provided sharing of ideas, best practices, and new friendships. James, Kirk, and Carol spent most of their time meeting with other chapter members from across the nation, with the goal of bring back ideas to put into play in the Tampa Chapter. They also shared ideas and experiences from the Tampa Chapter to others. In addition to association business, attendees heard a fascinating cold case story, Chapter Success Stories, and the unveiling of the new logo. This event will certainly be hard to top next year!

FBINCAAA National Conference 2019

Attendee Group Photo

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