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Paint The Town Blue – National Police Week

May 9, 2028 – May 15, 2028 all-day
James Nicol


Coordinated by the FBI Tampa Citizen’s Academy Alumni Association

May 9-15, 2021

To help honor our local law enforcement during National Police Week, The nonprofit FBI Tampa Citizens Academy Alumni Association (FBITCAAA) is excited to introduce the first annual Paint the Town Blue event (PTTB).

We all know that it has been a tough year for law enforcement officers around our country. After losing two FBI agents in Miami and three local officers, this year's PTTB event will be even more meaningful for all our communities.

This important week aims to get the public to recognize and salute all law enforcement officers (not just the fallen) for what they do every day, no matter their role or department, by "Painting" The Town Blue.

We want to light up buildings and bridges Blue, encourage people to wear Blue, display Blue holiday lights at homes, and much more! This could also include everything from Blue front porch lighting to Proclamations from Mayors and City Councils about the initiative to daily news stories and editorials about the positive things law enforcement does every day. We are planning special private events to thank the men and women in blue and their families. The week will conclude with memorial services honoring our recent fallen heroes and their families.

We are asking your communities and your families to join in the planning and celebration.
There are four things you can do to make the week special:

1) Light up your business and building blue and have employees wear blue that week
2) Offer special discounts and services to law enforcement personnel that week
3) If you let us know you want to participate we will send you artwork for advertising or for signs to hang at your business to let the community know you support those that protect us
4) Let us know any plans you have for the week and we will assist in promoting and add them to our calendar of events if appropriate. (PR firm National Strategies Public Relations, will assist with the planning and media outreach).

It is important to note that this is not a political event or statement in any fashion, rather just a way to say thank you to our neighbors that protect our families and business. If you want to participate in this special week, please contact us at info@FBITCAAA.org and we will immediately start working with you to maximize your business's exposure and to honor those that serve.

We really appreciate your assistance in our effort to thank and recognize those that leave their family behind to protect ours.

The Paint The Town Blue Committee of the FBITCAAA.

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